MagicSecure 2800/3000

magic secure 2800

Fingerprint Time Attendance with manual time recorder price. Ensure that you only pay employees based on their real working hours… do it by Magic SECURE 2800 / 3000

Human Identification Technology, now brings you the accuracy and convenience of Time Attendance application using Fingerprint Technology. Magic SECURE 2800 / 3000 has proven to be precise, practical and cost effective solution for time attendance application. Magic SECURE 2800 / 3000 solution is so affordable; it does not make sense if you consider any other technology and solution


Communication USB
Compatible USB 2.0 (Full speed)
Pixel Resolution 500 dpi
Scan Capture Area at Center 14.2 mm (width) x 18.4 mm (Length)
Supply Voltage 5.0 V +/- supplied by USB
Supply Current 190mA (scanning), 140mA (idle),
15mA (suspend)
Scan data 8 bit gray scale
Finger Captured 360 rotation
Size 81.4 x 49.5 x 20.5mm
Operating Temperature 0o-40o C
Operating Humidity 20-80%
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