PB -2752C Barcode Card Access Controller / Time Attendance Recorder


Product Description:

  • Dual functions for access control and time attendance.
  • Up to 6,000 events (optional for 9,999) Attendance/Access transaction and 9,999 personal map with 32 time zones.


  • With built-in quartz real a time clock.
  • With tamper switch and one loop sensor input to trigger alarm when case is tampered or loop is intruded.
  • DC 12V operated therefore battery operated be possible when AC power is interrupted.
  • 10 years for real time clock and transaction data retention.
  • With programmable mode for ARM/DISARM output optional.
  • With CMOS CPU of low power consumption.
  • Selectable enciphered card format while can not be easily duplicated by ISO Encoder.
  • With RS -232C or RS-422 interfaces for direct or polling configuration, up to hundreds of recorder can be controlled by one PC through PCP-832-xx
    Multi-channel controller.
  • For more advance control, you may setting all or partial reader to the Host computer for more delicate control such as time zone, holiday control and recording the access record by application software.
  • Metal case and keypad as well as case lock to prevent vandalism.
  • With CPU watch-dog function to prevent malfunction.


Dimensions 156(L)x 123(W)x 42(H)mm
Weight 1370g ±5%
Operation temperature -10°C ~ 55°C
Humidity 20%~90% RH, Non condensation
Card reading Standard Lo-Co& Hi-Co magnetic stripe card for ISO track 2
Type Swipe and surface mount
Display With 6 digits LED’s or 16 x 2 lines LCD to display weekday, time, ID number, date, buffer counter etc…
Pass code Programmable 4 digits PIN for each person
Monitor inputs 8 duty selection keys and 10 implicit system function
Time schedule 144schedules (6 schedules per hour)
Baud rate 4800bps,N,8,1 (optional for 300~19200bps)
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