SL-200D Double Electromagnetic Lock Series



    • Power Supply: DC12V or DC24V (adjustable)
    • Current: 500mA @ 12V or 250mA @ 24V
    • Holding force:Single side 250kg (600lbs)
    • All materials used are fireproof.
    • Fail-safe (power to lock) electric lock suitable for fire exit.
    • Automatic demagnetizer function.
    • Great efficiency with low consumption of current.
    • Optional bracket available to install.
    • Operation temperature: 0~90C; Humidity: 85%Rh max.
    • Dimensions:

Body:500mm(L)x43mm(W) x 27mm(D)

Armature:185mm(L)x38mm(W) x11mm(D)

  • Weight:4300g
  • Certification: CE
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