SA-2109A DVR



  • Adopts the standard Main profile H.264 compression technology, high compression ratio, high resolution and reliable coding and decoding performance;
  • Support PAL and NTSC system;
  • Support local and independent VGA, video, audio output. VGA display resolution :1280×1024;
  • Recording trigger mode include manual ,timing ,alarm , mobile detection and mixed alarm function;
  • Support pre-recording and delayed-recording function of alarm and mobile detection;
  • SA-2109A* 4 channel playback;
  • SA-2109B
  • SA-2109C* 16 channel playback;
  • Support HDD, USB, IE network backup;
  • Support all kinds of alarm and especially email alarm sending alarm message to named mailbox;
  • Support cell phone surveillance. support Multiplex operation: remote control, retrieval , playback, backup, configuration file;
  • Support remote PTZ control;
  • Support USB and remote network program upgrading;
  • Support data protection before power off and rapid reset rate;
  • SA-2109A* playback resolution: 1channel D1 and the other 3 channel CIF;
  • SA-2109B* playback resolution: 1channel D1 and the other 7 channel CIF;
  • SA-2109C* playback resolution: 16 channels CIF playback synchronously.
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