Integrated Security

RISCO Group is a forward thinking and dynamic security solution provider committed to     providing high quality innovative product solutions that exceed industry standards and customer expectations, whilst maintaining the highest levels of customer service.

Creating Security Solutions …

Deeply committed to excellence and rapid response to the needs of its client base – RISCO Group develops powerful, dependable products based on the latest technologies and industry standards. Continuous innovation is cultivated through the company’s culture of creativity – and ensured by the exceptional talent and broad multi-disciplinary mix of its team – resulting in an ongoing flow of exciting new ideas, products and solutions.  RISCO Group branch in the UK offers GardTec, Rokonet & RISCO Group brands of integration and intruder alarm equipment; the company’s product portfolio contains a wide variety of advanced wired and wireless solutions in the intruder alarm sectors of control, detection, warning and communication.

…with care that goes into our production

The highest standards of quality and reliability are guaranteed by the company’s ISO-9001-2000 certification in R&D, Engineering, Production, Sales and Service – as well as product approvals and conformance to security and environmental standards required by testing organizations in the UK and worldwide. RISCO Group has also developed its own strict internal procedures covering every aspect – from initial concept to through delivery. This attention to quality, coupled with a strong service orientation, is the basis for RISCO Group’s long-standing reputation for reliability.

…with care for our customers’ needs in mind

The centrality of the customer is a cornerstone of the company’s philosophy. RISCO Group’s solutions are designed – first and foremost – with the needs of the customer in mind. Flexibility, ease of installation and use, and cost-effectiveness are built into every solution.

…with care for our customers through superior Customer Support

RISCO Group branch in the UK prides itself on customer retention and an indicator of our success in this area is a repeat business level in excess of 95%. The company’s proven technological capabilities, commitment to creativity, customer-centered designs, comprehensive range of unfailingly dependable products … as well as its dedication to responsive, personalized customer support, have – for over 25 years – won the loyalty and appreciation of security professionals the world over.