Invengo Sparrow sticker card tag

Invengo Sparrow


  • Conforming to EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C, the Invengo XC-TF8013-C04 is a robust inlay which is delivered on rolls to enable ease of scalability in high volume conversion and end-use application environments.
  • Enabled with dual antenna input, the XC-TF8013-C04 achieves orientation insensitivity as well as excellent performance, eliminating orientation-related missed reads or blind spots, particularly in item-level applications under harsh conditions.
  • With Impinj’s Monza® 3Tag Chip, the XC-TF8013-C04 offers 96 bits of memory for encoding an Electronic Product Code (EPC) and 32 bits of TID.
  • In addition, the XC-TF8013-C04′s embedded nonvolatile memory (NVM) provides 100000 cycle endurance/ 50-year data retention.
  • Prior to delivery, the XC-TF8013-C04 undergoes complete testing ensuring the high quality that customers expect from Invengo.


  • EPCglobal C1 Gen 2 standard & ISO18000-6C compliant
  • Operating frequency 902-928MHz
  • Outstanding R/W sensitivity
  • Superior interference rejection
  • Orientation indifference
  • NVM with 100000-cycle/50-year retention
  • Extended temperature range
  • 96-bit EPC number; 32-bit tag identifier (TID)
  • 32-bit access password; 32-bit kill password


  • Item-level Tracking
  • Supply Chain
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