XCAF-13 Long Range Antenna



Radio Frequency Identifcation (RFID) antennas from Invengo offer the ability to operate indoors or outdoors or the ability to withstand extreme harsh environment.
The Invengo XCAF-13 antenna is an essential operational component in reader-tag communications meeting the needs of a near field RFID system requirements.
The XCAF-13 is a circular-polarized antenna that delivers exceptional performance in situations where the orientation of the tag to the reader cannot be controlled.
Featuring high efficiency compact design and structural simplicity the XCAF-13 delivers greater application flexibility.


    • Operating frequency 902-928MHz
    • Cicular polarization
    • Rugged compact design
    • Maximum performance and Flexibility
    • 5.8 dBi gain
    • High efficiency
    • Easy installation
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