XCTF-8500 sticker card tag



  • The Invengo Windshield Sticker Tag XCTF-8500 is a dedicated passive intelligent transponder compliant with the EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 & ISO 18000-6C. With a flexible sticker, this tag is optimized to address application areas which demand long operating distances and high anti-collision rates.
  • The tag shows unsurpassed Ultra high frequency performance over the 902-928MHz bandwidth reliable operation in dense reader environment and long read ranges up to 8 meters (26.2 feet). It features an extended 512 bit programmable user memory, 240 bit EPC number and a 64 bit tag identifier including a 32 bit unique serial number.
  • The XCTF-8500 provides a unique custom command, set such as Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) for increased theft protection and Read Protect which prevents unauthorized chip memory access. All custom commands are 32 bit access password protected.
  • Built on a flexible ceramics substrate, the tag includes an adhesive release liner for ease of installation.


  • PCglobal Class1 Gen2 & ISO18000-6C compliant
  • Operating frequency 902-928 MHz
  • 512-bit programmable user memory
  • 240-bit EPC number
  • 64-bit tag identifier including 32-bit unique serial number
  • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
  • Read Protect custom command
  • 32-bit access password 32-bit kill password
  • Fast data rate
  • Multi-tag operation
  • Passive operation no batter required
  • Consistent performance
  • Flexible sticker format
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